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Mar 3, 2017

In like a lion, out like a lamb! Here comes March and we are ready. Had some audio issues but wanted to get this episode out anyway. Let us know your Lent strategies and a big "Sorry" to snake lovers... 

As always reach out to us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast

Feb 11, 2017

Welcome back Lovebirds! It was famously mentioned that "Love Stinks", but here @STM_Podcast we believe Love Matters! Join us for our Valentine's Day episode. Ever wonder how much money is spent, or how many kids are conceived on VD? We'll tell you today.  As always join in on the conversation on Twitter: @STM_Podcast 

Jan 28, 2017

Welcome back boys and girls! Unfortunately Facebook matters this week! With all the negativity in the world we had to do an episode to remind people that its ok to show compassion and love to other people. This episode isn't as light-hearted as all of our other shows. However, we found it necessary. Once again, thank you for the support and as always get in touch with us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast


Love ya! Bye

Jan 21, 2017

Come along boys and girls as we dive into yet another hour long episode! This one is filled with inappropriate jokes that make us laugh. We hope they send a smile your way as well. As always get involved with us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast 

Climb on board and buckle up, because here we go!!

Jan 14, 2017

We know what you are thinking.... What the Hell is Blender Porn!? The answer is that we don't have a clue. What appears to be a nice gentle episode took at turn and never came back. Buckle up boys and girls! As always, get into the conversation with us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast. Also, a huge Thank You to all the new listeners this past few weeks! We hope we don't scare you away with this one!  Love ya... Bye!

Jan 7, 2017

Back in action and welcoming in 2017! We announce our big fundraising effort for the year, the new network we are working with, and of course Las Vegas! Big thanks to all the new listeners and all of our friends that have been with us from the beginning. As always you can reach out to us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast and now feel free to visit our newly updated Patreon page:


Dec 30, 2016

Welcome back boys and girls to the last episode of 2016! We bid the celebrity stealing  '16 a farewell and look forward to a bright and glorious 2017! Come along and we'll dive into speaking of some we have lost this year and other random stuff that matters! And please remember, "The Cup Is Already Broken". As always, subscribe to the show and/or follow us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast

Dec 24, 2016

It's Christmas time so you know what that means, we discuss great Christmas gift ideas, hot water issues, car refueling procedures, high-quality dental work, and a random baseball scenario. As you can guess, there's not too much of a discussion about Christmas. No surprise there! Anyway... Enjoy your Holiday and as always, you can reach out to us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast

Dec 17, 2016

Welcome back Friends! Lunch Ladies are on the menu today. Make sure to clean your tray and your table before returning to class. We also sneak in a little Christmas Promo in the episode! (sorry but you have to eat your vegetables too) As always you can reach us on Twitter: @stm_podcast Here we go boys and girls! 

Dec 11, 2016

Welcome back to yet another finely-produced episode of Stuff That Matters with Two Guys That Don't. Long name, long winded, and long... wait... we probably should't lie. Anyway this round we chat about Snow Balls, Jeter, and random college football thoughts. As always feel free to subscribe to the podcast and send us your hate/love to us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast. Buckle up and follow us (even though we can't even follow our own notes) on another journey!

Dec 6, 2016

Here it is! The long awaited audio upgrade for us! Still have some fine tuning to get to, but we'll take it for now! KC's daughter, Addison, makes her debut in this episode and we discuss the state of Purdue Football. A quick 15 minute episode to get the new audio dialed in a bit. As always you can send us your feedback on Twitter @STM_Podcast


Dec 4, 2016

Hey boys and girls, we are back!!!!! Happy to be back behind the mics and having a great time. We discuss comebacks, Keanu Reeves, a new business opportunity, dog shit, and so much more! Take a trip up to the top of The STM Tower with us. The worst thing that can happen from way up there,  is that we let you down! As always catch up with us on Twitter: @STM_Podcast

Aug 6, 2016

Just like the youth of America we are headed back to school! Join us for a trip down memory lane to a simpler time when all we worried about was how many pimples we had and we hoped we didn't have B.O.

Jul 29, 2016

We are BACK!!! Thanks to a Doylermaker extended Vacation we missed a couple weeks, but we are back and in rare form! The battle between Leaders and Managers take center stage, and then promptly gets shoved out of the way for a tangent filled episode! Yep, we are definitely back.

Jul 11, 2016

Doylermaker and KC share many things in common. One of those things is the love we have for a certain type of sock. When it comes to what matters to the feet of 2 Guys That Don't, Comfort is the only thing that does. We discuss our socks, favorite things, and another care package is called out! Lets all hit up the Sock Hop for another episode of Stuff That Matters With Two Guys That Don't. 

Jun 30, 2016

Join us for yet another Joyride! This time Lester dances and Doylermaker sings our way through a celebration of summer jams.

Jun 26, 2016

I mustache you a question. Do you love facial hair? Come find out how many men have it, how many women love it, and everything else we could chat about in an hour. Also, another Care Package offer goes out. Who was picked for the next care package? Can't wait to tell you. 

Jun 18, 2016

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So we are here to flatter. We have a shot at some of the podcast we enjoy. Have a listen, and let us know your thoughts!

Jun 12, 2016

Well, here we go again! As always, send us your thoughts, questions, or concerns!

Jun 4, 2016

Knock on some wood, avoid ladders, and close the umbrellas! It's superstitions that matter today. We are back from our 2-week Doylermaker Birthday Break and ready to go. We discuss superstitions in everyday life as well as "The Good Ol' Days" when our athletic careers dominated our lives. Here comes episode 13!

May 28, 2016

Its our first full-length recording! We shelved it because of the loud breathing and the overall poor audio quality. But, since Doylermaker's birthday got in the way of recording this week, and because our listeners are awesome, we decided to break it out. We moved the can of green beans out of the way and found the mp3 file, dusted it off, and uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Let us know your thoughts! Again, sorry for the audio quality... I recommend not using earbuds or headphones on this Ep!

May 21, 2016

We discuss our favorite Fast Food joints and much more! Enjoy the show!

May 13, 2016

The follow-up episode to our RECORD BREAKING Episode "Challenges Matter" this episode dives into our dreams growing up, dreams Mr. Doylermaker recently had, and KC's feelings about the difference between goals and dreams. Oh, and we do a follow up on our challenges from last week. Buckle up kiddies, we're going on another ride!

May 6, 2016

Welcome back listeners! Its our 10th episode and today we discuss challenges. Another topic that effects all of our listeners everyday. As always join the conversation on twitter @stm_podcast. Enjoy the Show!!!

Apr 28, 2016

Here we go Listeners! Climb on board the Tour Bus and cruise with us on yet another journey. We talk music, then get side tracked again and of course it all goes to shit. So here's to yet another episode of Stuff That Matters With Two Guys That Don't!

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